Tips of shopping with the children of all ages


    Most parents dread going to the mall with the children because of one reason or another. However, with small adjustments to your lifestyle, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy this wonderful bonding moment.



    Understand that all children are different

    If you have an older child, you may be tempted in thinking that the baby should behave like them. One thing that you ought to understand is that children of all ages behave different in any given situation. You should thus make the necessary adjustment to accommodate all the needs of the children.

    All children have limits

    Children love the outdoors; the fresh air, the meeting of new people and sightseeing are some of the activities that excite them. However, there are times when the baby will begin to become agitated with the surrounding especially when there is too much noise. When the baby becomes tired and hungry, you need to give them time to rest and relax. Sometimes a reassuring hug will go a long way. You should however not force the children in to shopping if they are not up to it.

    Children are curious


    As the baby grows he will become more and more curious with the surrounding. When you go to the mall, they will be tempted to touch all the attractive items they will come across. It is your responsibility as a mother to ensure that they have all the assistance they need. You should help them to touch the item slowly and carefully. This applies only to the items that are made of plastic or rubber- those that cannot break easily. It is natural for you to shout at them, but remember that there are children who don’t do well will public criticism.

    Going out with the infants

    They are fun to shop with because they will not disturb you, most of the time they are sleeping. You should however ensure that you provide the baby with all the items she/he may need to be comfortable. The baby should be well fed before you leave the house. But you should also carry for them snacks that they can feed on. Remember that the baby enjoys being carried. So you can carry a sling or a carrier. If you cannot manage carrying the baby all the time, then carry their baby stroller.
    It is important to note that babies tend to get dry due to the harsh weather conditions in the mall. You should therefore ensure that you carry a juice for them to drink- breast milk works perfectly in such situations. It is important for you to carry clothes and diaper supply for the baby.

    Shopping with toddlers


    They are fun to be around when they are in a good mood. You should make sure you have carried all the necessary items that they will require to stay comfortable. Children love to be included in some of the decisions as this makes them to feel accepted and appreciated. You may try to include the child in making some of the decisions. It is also recommended you factor in their preference when buying certain food items.
    For the older children, you may carry for them a clip art picture which they can use to identify the items you need.

    Avoid the large crowds

    Children tend to get frightened with large groups of people. You should avoid going to the mall when there are many people. It may be stressful for you to navigate the mall stores with the children. The best time to go to the mall is in the morning or in early evening.

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