Tips for carrying a baby stroller on air travel

    When you travel with your baby by plane, taking a stroller makes your travel easier and comfortable. But you may be worried to think that how you will carry and store it on the plane. So here is a list of some helpful tips for you to carry the baby stroller without any harassment.


    Useful tips to carry a stroller on a plane

    • Before the flight schedule, you should call to a customer service representative or visit the website of the airline to know about the rules and regulations about carrying stroller. Generally, airline companies impose restrictions on the weight of a stroller, the unfolded system of a stroller etc.
    • You should choose a lightweight and collapsible stroller when you travel by airplane. So if it is checked at the ticket counter as a check-in baggage, you can easily fold and put it in the packing box.
    • When you pack the expensive stroller, you should use the pad of Styrofoam to protect it from any unintentional breakage at the time of handling, loading and baggage claiming.
    • To ensure more safety, you can close the box with shipping tape and in the body of the box attaches a label – “Breakable”.
    • After completing the check-in, you have to go to the security checkpoint of the airport. In this stage, you have to take away your baby from the stroller. Then fold it up and go through the X-ray machine. At this time, you can ask for help to the TSA agent of the airport.


    • Next, you and your baby will be checked through the metal detector. This time, a security officer may instruct you to hold up your baby if he or she cannot walk on his or her own foot. But if your child can walk, the security officer must instruct to stand alone for checking.
    • Before going to the departure gate, you should organize and pack all the parts of the stroller. At this time, you can request to the flight attended to set up an FAA-approved car seat in the airplane if you want to travel with your newborn baby. So you can easily place your baby in this seat.
    • When you leave the stroller for packing, it should be ensured that all the loose items of the stroller are placed in your carry-on bag. In packaging time, any kind of removal parts such as cup holder of the stroller should be put in your carry-on baggage separately otherwise it can pop up in the flying moment.


    • When you reach the departure gate, you will have to wait in the queue and talk to the gate agent. If you notify the gate agent about the gate checking of your stroller, he or she will give a gate check baggage tag for your baby stroller. He or she also provides a claim ticket for you so you can claim your stroller. You should keep your eyes on your stroller until it is put for the boarding.
    • When you arrive at your destination, you may have to go for claiming your baby stroller with other gate-checked bag and baggage. But sometimes you will find your stroller just at the outside of your plane door where wheelchair of the disabled persons is kept.


    You need not be worried in your plane journey as you are able to carry your baby stroller properly. By following the above tips, you can easily carry your baby in the stroller before your entrance on the plane and even after the arrival of the destination. So from now you will be able to enjoy your every single moment of air traveling with your adorable baby using the stroller.

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