The Basic Safety Precautions of Using a Stroller


    A stroller is made for parents comfort as well as baby’s safety. But sometimes a stroller can be very dangerous for your child if you don’t know some basic safety precautions of using a stroller. Now I’d like to tell you about some safety precautions of using a stroller.

    1. Always use the safety harness

    5 point-safety-harness

    Generally, babies want to move into the stroller. In this situation, 5 point safety harness is helpful to keep the baby safe in the stroller. At the time of napping, a safety harness is also effective to keep baby safe. If you use the safety harness, you can prevent any injury.

    2. Don’t hang bags over the handles

    Maximum parents hang their purses over the stroller handle. Some stroller may be closed automatically if you keep lots of things over the handles. You should check out the user manual of the stroller whether it allows or not to carry a bag on the handle. If it allows any bag or diaper bags, then check how much weight the handle can carry. Always put bags underneath the stroller.

    3. Avoid pushing the stroller on rough ground

    Never push the stroller on rough ground, over the barrier or up and down stairs. If you push the stroller on a rough surface, it may damage the stroller or hurt your baby.

    4. Try to keep the stroller near at hand

    By keeping the stroller close to you, you can reduce the possibility of any accident. When the stroller starts to roll away or tip over and you are near to the stroller, it’s very easy to stop the problem before any major accident.

    5. Set the brake of the stroller


    Set the brake of the stroller whenever you stop the stroller for a moment. Be more cautious when the stroller is on the flat surface because there is more chance of an accident. The stroller can roll away by others when you keep the stroller in the crowd. So it’s very much important to be careful of setting the brake. But you can’t rely on brake totally because sometimes the brake of the stroller doesn’t work properly. So After setting the brake, you should also keep the stroller close to you.

    6. Double-check the broken parts of the stroller

    The parts of the stroller can break down anytime if you use it very often. You should check the stroller’s broken parts if there are any sharp pieces left with the stroller. These sharp parts may hurt you or your adoring child.

    7. Don’t leave the child alone

    Never keep your child alone in the stroller even when he is asleep. If you keep him alone, he will feel insecure and may try to get down from the stroller. It may cause any kind of major accident. On the other hand, if you keep your sleeping baby alone, he will be frightened and will start screaming. It may cause any health hazard.

    8. Don’t carry too many things

    Don’t carry too many things in the storage of the stroller like pillow and blanket. If you carry too many things, it may make the stroller instable.

    9. Safety precaution for jogging stroller

    In case of a jogger stroller, you should take some added precaution for your little ones. Don’t go for exercise in a countryside or high traffic area. Although jogger strollers are designed for exercise, but you should run at a normal pace with the stroller. Otherwise, your child can be hurt by stroller’s heavy trembling.

    10. Be cautious when folding

    When you open or close the stroller, try to keep your baby away from the stroller. Because your little ones can be hurt from the stroller.

    11. Don’t keep the stroller under the sun

    Never keep the stroller under the sun for a long time in hot weather. If you keep the stroller under the sun for a long time, the plastic or metal parts of the stroller may become hot that can burn your child. So before keeping your child inside the stroller check the temperature of the stroller’s surface.


    These simple rules will be very helpful for your toddler’s safety to prevent any unwanted situation. As it is the question of safety of your adoring child, so always follow these safety precautions to use a stroller.

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