Lightweight Strollers Keep Babies Cool Even in Hot Weather



    It is very important to plan for the summer trip or summer in general, if you are expecting to carry a baby along with you. Summer is very difficult to keep the babies comfortable. Keeping baby cool in the summer will be the high priority when it comes to parenting. There are many lightweight strollers which can help parents to keep the baby cool and comfortable especially in hot weather. Choosing the right options while using the lightweight stroller and following additional tips shared in this article will protect the baby from the ill effects of hot weather such as baby rashes, painful sunburns to heatstroke.

    It is important to keep the babies comfortable in the stroller as they will be spending a significant part of the time in the stroller. This article lists a few tips on the selection of lightweight stroller for summer and shares useful expert advice to keep the babies cool in summer in general as well.


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    Tip 1: Choose a lightweight/umbrella stroller

    The light weight strollers are best suited for summer travel. They will have good aeration and are also light weight to carry around. Suitable add-ons such as UV protected extended sun visor should be chosen for the comfort of the baby.

    Tip 2: Dress the babies appropriately

    While carrying the baby in the stroller, always dress the baby in the cloth made up of cotton material. Choose the dress which is lightweight and comfortable. The cotton material helps the baby to stay cool. Always avoid synthetic and thick and black color clothes for the babies, especially in hot weather.

    Tip 3: Choose the lightweight stroller with nylon cushioning

    Denim looks fashionable and cool, but isn’t literally cool when it comes to fabric. But the denim material does not help in keeping the confined space of the stroller cool. The stroller will soon become uncomfortable for the baby. The amount of space in the stroller should be sufficient for the baby to stay relaxed and space can be kept cool with the help of nylon or cotton fabric.

    Tip 4: Use Sunshades for strollers

    Sunshade for stroller

    Choose a sunshade for strollers which keeps the baby away from the harmful sunrays. Make sure the cover is significantly protected even when the stroller is stowed in the direction of the sun, especially in the morning. A UV protection of 50+ can be considered safe. But nevertheless, never cover the entire stroller, leaving no air circulation. Baby’s sweat is very less and the poor ventilation can make them suffer a lot in no time.

    Tip 5: UV rays are invisible

    During summer the UV rays will be more powerful. Intermittent clouds coverage and shade don’t significantly reduce the amount of UV rays. Make sure not to remove sun visor or the umbrella of the stroller just because it is not a sunny day. Put babies on a cap in the strollers.

    Tip 6: Carry water bottles in the lower baskets

    Babies in summer may not sweat a lot like adults do, but their body too will be working to keep themselves cool. In this process, they lose the significant amount of body water. Keep the babies hydrated by providing more than normal water consumption.
    A few signs of dehydration:

    • Rapid breathing
    • Feel of high temperature
    • blushing face

    Tip 7: Use Sunscreen lotions – SPF 15 and above

    Babies may be wearing cotton clothes but it is not effective in protecting from the sun directly when exposed. Hence, a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) lotion is a must – have item in the lightweight stroller as one of the baby gear. Apply lotion generously over the entire body of the baby and not to just hands, face and legs.

    Tip 8: Use a clip on Fan

    A fan blowing towards the baby will help fresher and the baby’s internal cooling mechanism can respond to the rise in temperature better. There is the better clip on fans available for strollers which can fit any stroller and runs on batteries. Choose the fan which is light, runs on batteries, and safe for the baby, a soft mesh should protect babies finger in case it comes in contact and should blow good amount of air for the baby to breathe ease in the hot summer.

    Tip 9: Choose strollers meant to be used in summer

    1. Maclaren Mark II Stroller, 7.4 lbs:
    The stroller is easy to carry and manoeuvre. A peekaboo window and an extra large and extendable sun visor gives maximum coverage and
    Maclaren Mark II Stroller,

    2. Joovy Groove Ultralight, 13.9 Pounds
    Generous sun visor canopy provides maximum protection and shade for the toddler.

    Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller, Blueberry

    3. Kolcraft Cloud Plus, 12 lbs:
    The 3 tier canopy for maximum UV Coverage makes it a good choice for summer.
    Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

    All the three strollers above have significant advantages of light weight feature because most of the parents will be travelling proactively in summer. The manoeuvring is easy, carrying and folding them too is very easy to make the summer travel experience more enjoyable one with the baby.


    Choose a lightweight stroller for summer (a suitable lightweight stroller for summer is here). Always carry water bottles, SPF lotions, meshed umbrella covers. Covering the sun visor with a white coloured cotton cloth also keeps the stroller environment cool. The white colour also reflects the harmful sun rays. With all the said precautions, the summer day’s travel with the stroller will be surely a delightful experience. Thanks for being a responsible parent! Happy strolling!

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