How to Teach Your Child Stroller Safety


    Every parent uses stroller to carry their baby comfortably when they go outside. At the same time they also want to keep their child safe from any kind of danger. But it becomes difficult to keep them inside the stroller when they start to walk. To get rid of this problem, you can teach your child some stroller safety lessons which will help to keep your toddler safe. Here are some easy steps to keep your child safe from danger when they are inside the stroller


    1. Tell Them the Aftereffect of Breaking the Rules

    You can ask your baby to follow some common rules of outing and make them understood the importance of following that rules. Tell your child that, if he doesn’t follow the stroller safety rules, he may fall down or hurt himself.

    2. Explain Your Expected Behavior

    Before going outside taking the babies into the stroller, tell them where you are going and what should he do there. They can follow your directions if you explain your expectations before each stroller outing.

    3. Realize Baby’s Problem of Staying in the Stroller

    If your baby doesn’t want to stay in the stroller, find out the problem of staying inside the stroller by asking them. The stroller may be uncomfortable for them or they may want to run or they are bored. Make the stroller comfortable for your baby that they can stay there for a long time. When they want to run, let them do it after reaching at your destination.

    4. Encourage Them to Obey the Safety Rules with Entertainment

    Books and songs can be a good source of learning stroller safety effectively. A picture book about children’s safety or a song that has the message of safety can be a useful way to make your child familiar with the safety measures.


    5. Turn following the Rules into a Game

    As the children love to play, so you can make the rules as like as a game. You can say that if you sit in the stroller for some time, then I will buy some toys for you or we will go to the park where you can run.

    6. Guide Them in A Positive Way

    Don’t instruct them always. Give them some freedom to do something what they like. As for example, you may forbid running in the public places but give them another place to play. In this positive way, you can set a limit for your child and they can follow that easily.

    7. Admire Baby’s Well Manner

    Every kids like to get praised for their well manner. If you admire his good deed, he will be encouraged to do that again. For safe stroller behavior, you can give some reward. After every stroller outing you can give him chocolate or sticker or toys. This is an effective way to encourage them to follow the stroller safety rules.

    8. Maintain a Backup Plan

    You should keep a backup plan, if your toddler don’t want to get into the stroller. Don’t be afraid of going outside with your children. In this situation, you can use other option to carry your baby instead of the stroller like baby carrier or harness. You can carry your baby in a carrier like a large backpack. This is very helpful to keep your child close and safe. Harnesses are work like a dog leash. It allows your toddler to walk within the range and help parent to control children.


    By following the above mentioned ways you can teach your child stroller safety. The most effective way to keep them into the stroller is to make them understood the aftermath of breaking the rules. Staying close to your child and making them busy with toys in the stroller can be an important and useful way to keep them into the stroller.

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