How to Clean and Maintain a Baby Stroller

    As a parent, you must want to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your baby. So when you use a stroller to carry your baby, you have to assure the complete cleanliness and proper maintenance of that stroller. Here, a thorough process of cleaning and maintaining a baby stroller is given.

    Steps of Cleaning a Baby Stroller

    Fabric Cleaning


    Step 1: Read the instructions manual carefully

    Before starting to clean, at first you should read the instructions manual carefully. In the manual, you will get much useful information and exact instructions which are especially related to the specific stroller.

    Step 2: Vacuum the whole stroller

    To make the cleanliness procedure easier and quicker, you can vacuum the whole stroller at first. So that all of the loose dirt will come out. To ensure the access in the narrow space of the stroller, you should use a vacuum with an adjustable nozzle. For thoroughly cleaning, you can operate the vacuum over the stroller more than one time.

    Step 3: Disassemble all the removable parts from the stroller

    Normally stroller includes many removable parts such as canopy, basket, straps and sometimes fabric of the seat can also be removed. You should remove these parts so it will be easy to clean properly.

    Step 4: Wet the stroller and rinse with soapy water

    Now wet the removable parts of the stroller with a hose pipe and rinse it using a scrubber and soapy water.

    Step 5: Leave these parts under the sun

    Finally, keep these parts under the sun so they become dry.

    Plastic Items Cleaning

    Step 1:

    Wash removable plastic items with soapy warm water and dip it into the antiseptic to make it germ-free.

    Step 2:

    Leave the items for air drying completely and back them to the stroller.

    Frame cleaning


    To clean the frame of the stroller, you should use a soft scrubber and warm water. You can use a small brush to get access into the narrow area. So you will be able to clean all the dirt easily.

    Wheels & Tires Cleaning

    Step 1: To clean squeaky wheels and tires properly, you should spray WD-40 on them. So dirt will loosen within few minutes. Before spraying, the stroller must be kept in an open area where air are circulated evenly.

    Step 2: Check out that any leaves or small branches are amassed in the wheels or not. Remove the garbage, if exists.

    Step 3: Wipe the wheels and tires with baby wipes and keep them under the sun until they become dry.

    Reassembling the Stroller

    When all the parts of the stroller become clean and dry, then put back all the items according to the previous attachment. But before start to reuse the stroller, you can spray an aseptic spray to make it germ-free and a fragrant spray to make it fresh.

    Maintenance of a Baby Stroller


    To ensure more durability of a baby stroller, you have to follow appropriate maintenance guides along with proper cleaning methods. Here are some tips to maintain your stroller perfectly.

    • Your baby stroller should be stored in a dry place, so rust can’t be gathered on the stroller.
    • After every use of the stroller, you should clean it immediately. Otherwise, sand, mud or any kind of debris may hamper the functionality of the wheels and tires of the stroller.
    • The baby stroller also should not be kept under the sunlight directly. It may fade the color of your stroller quickly. It should be placed in a shadow place.

    If you clean and maintain your baby stroller by the above mentioned appropriate directions, it may be also usable for your child’s siblings. Every parent should know how to maintain and clean a baby stroller. So that they will be able to protect their child from bacteria and germs and can ensure a happy and healthy life for their beloved babies.

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