How to Choose a Stroller for Twins

    Having a good double stroller for twins, makes it easy to look after them and to go outside with them. But it’s not so easy task to choose the best stroller. Because there many types of the double stroller with different features and price. Here are the 6 steps of choosing the best stroller for your adoring twins

    1. Learn about the Different Types of Double Stroller

    For choosing a right stroller for your baby, the most important thing is to be learned about the different types of double stroller. Mainly there are three types of the stroller. They are following:

    • Side by side stroller

      When two single strollers are joined together side by side, then it’s called side by side stroller. The face of two children remains forward and the seats remain directly next to each other in a side by side stroller. Babies get a lot of space in this stroller. But you can’t maneuver it in narrow space which is the main disadvantage of this stroller.

    • Tandem twin strollers

      A tandem stroller is narrow as a single stroller but the length of the stroller is double. The seats of the stroller remain one behind the other. It includes some seating options like both babies facing parent, both facing forward, babies facing each other. This stroller has also stadium-style arrangement where the front seat is slightly lower than the back seat. You can maneuver it in a narrow space which is the main advantage of this stroller. But the baby in the back seat gets less space and can’t see everything of the outside.

    • Twin jogging strollers

      This one is another type of side by side stroller which is especially used in the time of jogging or power walking. It includes a fixed or swivel front wheels which are like a bicycle wheel. This is the perfect stroller for jogging or walking since it is sturdy and durable.

    2. Checkout the number of using the stroller

    The number of using the stroller is one of the main facts of choosing a double stroller. If you want to use the stroller regularly, then you can choose a sturdy, high-quality stroller. High-quality stroller can be expensive. But this is the best investment instead of a double pram because you can use the prams until your baby can sit up.

    3. Determine the type of your activity with the stroller

    Before purchasing a double stroller for twin, you have to find out the most favorable stroller for your activity.

    • The jogging stroller is the best choice for going a long walk in the countryside or jogging since it has large shock absorbing wheels.
    • You can choice easy folded, lightweight stroller if you need to do everything swiftly.
    • For keeping your baby in the stroller for a long time, you should choose a comfortable stroller that includes reclining seats, cushioned seats, space for foods and toys.

    4. Figure out the well-suited features and accessories for you


    Each stroller has different types of features and accessories. But you have to select a suitable option for you. Here are some suggestions

    • For going outside in a rainy day, you can choose a stroller with the rain cover.
    • Food tray, cup holder and zippered pouch are important to keep toys, snacks, cell phone, keys, snacks, diaper bags and so on.
    • Check out the weight capacity of the stroller.
    • Large storage basket is very helpful for keeping necessary chattels.

    5. Think about your budget

    After checking out the different types of the stroller, you should select one stroller for your twins that comes in your budget.

    6. Drive the stroller before buying

    You have to be sure about the stroller’s quality as mentioned in the advertisement by driving it. If you want to buy it online then make a complete research of the product.


    You can buy a suitable double stroller for your twins if you consider above-mentioned steps at the time of purchasing a double stroller. You can also ask other moms of twins and twin forum for getting advice about buying a best double strollers for twins.

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