Differences between side by side and tandem baby strollers


    If you have twins or two kids under 5 years old, you may think of a double baby strollers, but you’ll feel difficult to consider a side by side or a tandem stroller. Personally, I made a comparison between, you may get it useful for your situation.



    • Tandem has the same width as the single strollers but longer, the average size about H41.5” x W21.5” x L37”. It’s suitable for you to store the stroller in a limited space, and walk through a narrow entrance, passageways.
    • Side-by-Side is wider than the tandem with the typical size of H49” x W32” x L40”. Anyway, it’s almost similar size with a wheelchair, so it’s mostly fit with all community place designed for a wheelchair. But you can consider when you house/apartment entrance can’t fit this size.

    The kid’s experience


    • Tandem: the kid sitting behind can have a comfortable sleeping when the seat reclines. When both of them are awake, you can turn the front seat 180 degree so they can interact face to face. There are stand-on models which is suitable when your first child can walk and urge to explore around, they can walk, sit and stand if they want.
    • Side by side: both of your kid can have the same view, while they can’t interact with each other face to face, each of them will have their own tray in front. If you think your kids need personal space, you may choose some product with a separating bar between.

    Travel system

    • Tandem: most of the model come along with one car seat attaching with the front seat, which is convenient for a family with an older kid and an infant. Some other model have car seat for both, which will save your time when travelling with twins.
    • Side by side: most of them don’t have the car seat for infant accommodated inside, so you have to move your infant from the strollers to the car seat when travelling.

    Walking in city


    • Tandem: heavy to move, to turn and to lift up the front wheels over some obstacles. But you still can overcome this disadvantage by choosing a lightweight version of tandem strollers. When you want to give the front baby some snack, you may have to stop then come along to the front.
    • Side by side: the weight is centralized so it’s easy to move and to lift up while walking. Due to the side by side design, you can easily get access to both of your children.

    Anyway, the final decision depends on your own assessment, matching with your needs

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