5 tips for well taking care of you baby


    Having a baby is a good thing ever for a family. Thus, parents have to learn much to be well prepared for the existence of a new family member. You may constantly read and learn a lot about the care and the rearing babies in the meantime the baby is born. Here are 5 effective tips which are very simple but extremely useful that you may not know before:

    Goodbye wet paper towels:


    Though the wet paper towels for babies are sold everywhere, you are not really in need of them in fact. Not only being expensive, those wet paper towels which you are going to use are also suspected to be harmful to the sensitive skin of your baby. There are various experts believe that it is better for you baby not to use wet tissue. Especially those babies who are fed with breast milk have liquid manure, less acid and bacteria, and the urine of the baby is diluted so using the wet paper towels soaked in chemicals to clean is not necessary.

    Do not afraid the baby pee overflow the diaper:


    The diaper changing at night would be a “nightmare” for many people. As a consequence, you should let your baby use the night diaper or a better way is adding a layer of cloth diaper inside. This way would avoid the situation that your baby pees overflow the diaper. As a result, the diaper changing would not be a problem even day or night.

    Do not need the shoes:

    Until the baby know how to walk and often go out, you do not need to bye shoes for them. The shoes of the baby are very cute but it is better that you spend those money for more important things instead. For example, all kinds of socks and gloves for the baby which is less expensive would be more convenient and appropriate.

    Be careful with the “sprinkler” of your baby:


    This is especially for the mother who has a son. When you remove the used diaper for the baby, the baby could get cold suddenly in the genitals and then pee as a reflex! Hence, remember to remove the diaper slowly to prevent the urine of the baby splash everywhere. You could also wrap inside a thin layer of cloth diaper for soaking the urine of the baby before it could splash in your face as well as your eyes.

    Do not be afraid to embrace as well as cuddle your baby:


    You may have heard many people said that baby should not be embrace and cuddle all day so they do not forget the feeling of being next to the mother. However, remember that even though how long you embrace your baby is, it would not teach your baby to be bad. Teach your baby to be independent and get away from your baby are two entirely different things. You should let the baby feel that the baby is a family member that could be loved and cherish by other family members and also create more and more opportunities to play with your baby

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