Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

    Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller
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    The Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight Stroller is an ultra-lightweight stroller and is travel-friendly. The convenience of one hand operation, luxurious features of premium strollers and extremely low price makes this stroller a good choice. Parenting will be more fun during travel with this stroller.


    Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller is from Kolcraft. The cloud plus stroller is an ultra lightweight stroller in the lightweight stroller segment. The features of the stroller and the reliability of the stroller has won many hearts and has become one of the best options for the baby and the parents. Read the article for the detailed information of the Cloud Plus lightweight stroller.

    Benefits of using Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

    The best in class low cost, a lightweight stroller is feather light, weighing less than 12 pounds. At this extremely lightweight, it is very easy to carry a stroller by hand, especially during excursions where there will be extra baggage to carry along with the stroller.

    The Cloud Plus lightweight stroller can be easily folded with one hand while carrying the baby in the other. This is the most desired feature when a single parent is travelling, especially on flights and trains.

    The safety of the baby in the stroller is of prime importance. Cloud Plus stroller takes it on priority, even at the surprisingly low price with it five point harness and dual rear brakes.

    Extended canopy and peek-a-boo Provide enough protection from sun rays. The multi-position seat recline makes baby’s travel comfortable whether the baby decides to take a nap or enjoy the ride by sitting. The front suspension on the wheels reduces the effects of bumps on the road.

    The large storage basket for storing baby’s essentials, child tray, 2 numbers of cup holder, and the juice box holder makes the trip comfortable for parents by not demanding another tote to carry along. The stroller stands even after folding making it one more favorite point to buy the Cloud Plus lightweight stroller.

    Product Features

    • Weight – The Cloud Plus is extremely light weight and weighs 11.8 pounds (5.35 kgs)
    • Folded Dimension – The stroller measures 18-inch x 12-inch. The height of the stroller will be 34-inch
    • Folding Type – The stroller can be folded with one hand only
    • Storage basket – The stroller has a large storage basket below the seat and is easy to access
    • Child Weight – The maximum child weight supported by stroller is 50 pounds (22.68 kgs)
    • Harness – The stroller has 5 point safety harness for maximum safety of the baby in the stroller
    • Parent Tray – The parent tray has two cup holders and has extra storage
    • Child Tray – The Child tray has dual cup holders and a juice box holder
    • Canopy – The stroller comes with three-tier canopy for maximum protection from sun rays
    • Peak-a-boo – The stroller canopy contains a peek-a-boo window
    • Seat – The multi recline seat option in the stroller provides more comfortable options for the ride
    • Stand – The stroller stands straight on its wheels even after folding
    • Certification – The stroller is JPMA certified and conforms to the safety standards
    • Brakes – The stroller has double brakes which can be applied by pushing the lever down
    • Frame – The frame is made up of polyester and lightweight steel making it a strong stroller for all terrain even at maximum load.
    • Wheels – The front wheel has suspension and the front wheels swivel.


    • Travel-friendly because of its inherent lightweight and easy to carry design
    • 5 point safety harness
    • Single hand folding mechanism
    • Stands when folded vertically taking less space
    • Ample Storage space
    • Cup holders, juice bottle holder and extra space
    • Front wheel suspension


    • option to carry with shoulder
    • Flimsy back seat and back support
    • Low handle height makes it difficult for taller people
    • Babies cannot sit upright

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    1. What are the minimum and maximum age of the baby, which can be strolled safely in the stroller?

    The Stroller cannot be used to carry just born babies. Minimum and maximum age cannot be specified exactly because of the different growth rate of babies. The babies who can control their neck and body posture can be safely carried. The toddlers up to 50 pounds can be carried safely.

    2. Does the folding of the stroller is umbrella type? How is the carrying of the stroller in narrow or crowded places?

    The folding of the stroller is not umbrella type. This enables the stroller to be folded with the child tray attached. The stroller stills get very compact when folded and are effortless to carry around in the crowded place.

    3. Is it easy to flip the child tray to place the baby in the stroller?

    The stroller best feature is that, the child tray automatically opens up. This is definitely one of the important features which is not available in many of the strollers.


    The Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


    The low price, ultra lightweight Cloud Plus stroller from Kolcraft is a very good choice for travels. It folds easily, easy to carry, and features all safety requirements. The ability to stand even after folding makes it a good travel companion. The lightweight stroller is a very good choice for short excursions and can carry toddlers up to 50 pounds. Hence, easily replace heavyweight strollers

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