Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller

    Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller
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    You are planning to travel with babies, and considering which stroller to bring? Need a lightweight and compact folding stroller. Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller meets your requirements.

    The lightweight strollers are the best options for parents who are looking for a travel companion for their toddler, especially during summer. Because of the light weight and the compactness of the lightweight stroller will be preferred over other luxurious primary strollers.

    The Joovy Groove Ultralight lightweight umbrella stroller houses all premium features of a heavyweight stroller. The premium features of the strollers backed with its substantially lightweight makes it one of the best lightweight strollers for toddlers. This lightweight stroller is the best practical companion, especially for summer trips.

    Features of Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller

    1. Lightweight – Groove Ultralight lightweight travel stroller weighs only 13.9 pounds. At this extremely lightweight, the stroller is amazingly sturdy and robust. This gives a feel of the heavyweight stroller at the comfort of lightweight.
    2. Generous canopy – The canopy is generous and becomes a best friend during summer trips. Canopy covers an entire seat area when the extendable sun visor is pulled the maximum.
    3. Multiple position seat recline position – It allows the parent to set the seat level to the best comfort level possible for the child in the stroller.
    4. Four wheels have suspensions – All wheel suspensions used to be a premium only feature making the summer and rough terrain rides more comfortable.
    5. Abundant storage options – All the luxury of premium strollers such as abundant storage space in the lower storage basket, zippered parent pocket, bottle holder and a couple of mesh pockets makes the trip more comfortable for both the child and the parents.
    6. Comfortable Carrying option – The stroller can be carried using the provided shoulder strap and lays almost parallel to the ground. This avoids annoying hitting of the stroller to the back of the ankle or the knees while carrying.

    Benefits of Customer when using this product

    The Joovy Groove lightweight stroller is a medium price range. The highlights of the stroller are the lightweight feature, fully packed accessories and compactness making it a very easy to use a stroller. With all the minute things taken care even for the parents, the design of the Joovy Grove lightweight stroller has definitely won the hearts of the many parents.

    The lightweight feature (13.9 lbs, 6.3 kgs) makes many things simple. If the toddler decides to walk, the stroller will never become a burden to carry. The child will like the stroller journey too, because of the reclining options available. The folded dimensions and full dimensions of the stroller are 12.5 x 13 x 40-inches and 40.75 x 21 x 33.5-inches respectively.

    The stroller suits for babies from 3 months up to a toddler weighing 55 lbs (25 kgs). The reclining angle of 149-degree makes the baby more comfortable to get a nap in the stroller. The reclining angle can be precisely adjusted to the required level so that the child feels more comfortable.

    All the four wheels have suspensions and are 4-inch in diameter. The accessories included are a zippered pocket, mesh beverage holder, seat mesh pocket, and lower basket. The dual brakes make the stroller safer when parked.

    While carrying the stroller using the shoulder strap, the stroller will be horizontal. It may consume more space, but, during sideways walking and walking in the park, the wheels don’t hit the back of the knees (Which is common in strollers which are carry-on type).


    The striking features of Joovy Groove Ultralight lightweight umbrella stroller are listed below:

    • Ultra light weight-aircraft grade aluminium body
    • Essential parental features (cup holder, zippered pockets, meshed can and snack holders)
    • Wide canopy for protection from harmful sun rays
    • Suspensions wheels add more comfort during maneuvering
    • Comfortable handle at the appropriate height with good grip
    • Dual braking system
    • Reflective Illumination on all four sides makes strolling in dark more safer


    It is difficult to fold in one hand and when seat is in upright position, canopy will be very close to child head and wheels appear clunky

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What are the available accessories for purchase as add-ons?

    —>Car seat adapter, rain cover designed for Joovy Groove Ultralight lightweight umbrella stroller, travel gate check bags, clip on fans, etc. are the accessories available for the parents to buy.

    2. How is the maneuvering experience in narrow streets?

    –> Moving the stroller in narrow streets is comfortable and easy. The stroller with the baby can be easily pushed with one hand. It is easy to maneuver in streets with tight corners because of its compactness. The handling is good with better feedback on the balance on wobbly terrain.

    3. Is it easy to clean the lightweight stroller? Can a tall person use it?

    –> The stroller is easy to clean. The aluminium frame is a non pinching type and can be cleaned easily. People even with 6’2 were comfortable with moving the stroller. The stroller wheels do not hit the foot during brisk walking


    Groove Ultralight lightweight travel stroller comes with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty


    The medium priced Joovy Groove Ultralight lightweight umbrella stroller strikes a great balance between lightweight and features. Since all the essentials come with the package, parents don’t need to look for addons to buy to make the journey more comfortable. The stroller is affordable and can support growing child for a long term. This is a must buy for parents looking for a summer or a travel companion.

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