How to help babies develop their intelligence


    Every mother always wants the best things of their babies, especially they always their babies will become good people for their family as well as have a harmony life in society. That is the reason why they do not stop finding the ideal ways to help their babies have higher intelligence. There are three factors that affect the babies’ intelligence , which are genetic, nutrition and living environment. In particular, nutrient and surroundings elements that we can affect to help babies develop smarter. So how to rely on two factors to help babies enhance their IQ? The following are some experience you should take to have the best care for your babies from the earliest stage!

    1. Provide enough nutrition for babies


    In the early years of the baby, the nutrition intake is often used primarily to nourish your baby’s brain. Do you know that your baby’s brain increase three time in this time period? Therefore, an adequate and healthy diet will help baby’s brain develop in a comprehensive manner.

    For children under 6 months of age, breastfeeding is one of the simplest ways to help your baby smarter. breast milk contains taurin, an amino acid helping increase brain cells, promoting differentiation of neurons and helping form nerve nodes. The amount of Taurin in breast milk is more 10 times than the amount of taurin in conventional formulas milk. Therefore, keep in mind that you should let your babies drink your milk as much as possible. You also should take nutrious food so that you can create quality breast milk for the babies to drink.

    For older children, you can feed your baby a variety of food, it is a good idea to provide them with enough 4 groups of food. In particular, you should pay attention to add foods that help your child’s brain develop completely! If you are still wondering whether the food can affect the baby’s intelligence, you can refer them on many reputed sites.

    One thing you have to pay special attention to is that you should never let your babies skip their breakfast. If they do not have breakfast, their brain will not be enough nutrition to maintain operations. Even, if they do this for a long time, their intelligence will be significantly decreased. In addition, even after the child has continuous full breakfast, they cannot compensate for this time period.

    2. The impact of living environment


    According to a study in the US, babies exposing to violent environment at an early age will be less intelligent than others. Babies who grow up in monotonous environments, lacking creativity, does not get the attention of education from parents also tend to be less intelligent. The average IQ of children 3-year-old children is about 60. Meanwhile, the children were raised in the scientific environment will be much higher, in the range of 90. With the love and concern of family, you can help your babies improve their intelligence significantly.

    Additionally, you can also teach children the games that stimulate development for the baby’s brain as intellectual games, such chess. Reading is a way to encourage brain development. When reading much, they will know much more about life, language and the ability to think of the baby also increase with each page of books.
    With these ways to help children develop better intelligence from an early age mentioned above, hope that the mother can learn useful info on developing their babies’ intelligence. If all the members in your family know how to help children more intelligent when they are young, then your babies will probably become talent people in the future.

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