Seven foods for the fastest and safe weight to babies


    Being a mother, you always want your baby to gain weight quickly in order that she has a perfect weight and escape from the sickly, skinny body. There are many causes for your baby to be skinny and sickly, but the main reason is the diet that is not enough nutrients. In order to help your baby have a healthy weight, here are seven foods you can consider feeding your baby.

    1. Cheese


    Cheese is rich in calorie, protein and fat, which is obviously an ideal source of food that helps babies gain weight quickly. There are many ways to help your baby weight gain based on this nutritious dish. You can add cheese to your child’s diet with bread, salad, or fry it with rice or egg.

    2. Protein from meat and fish


    Meat and fish are rich in energy and protein, which are very suitable for a mother to feed babies every day. However, with kids who are lazy in eating, mothers should know how to make delicious dishes. Do not rely on a few basic dishes such as fried, boiled or soup. Sometimes you have to break the rules to cook stylist dishes that are less healthy, such as fried with cheese, fried with five spices…You also should take some useful tips to choose fresh fish and meat.

    • Fish

    You should only buy the fishes that have red palpable and you feel hard when touching them. In you buy fishes that were cut into frozen; you should only buy them if you touch the flesh and feel sticky and hard.

    • Pork

    You should choose meats having pinkish color, firmer texture and thin skin. Remember that when you see crimson pork, feel soft when touching, it is meat of the old pigs, which is not delicious. Keep in mind avoid buying pork having yellow fat or white mottled flesh because they are swine meat and very harmful for your babies’ health.

    • Beef

    It is best to buy beef having bright red, dry and smooth muscle. If you touch the beef and feel sticky and dry, you should buy it.

    3. The starch and cereal


    Starch and cereals food group (rice, sticky rice, pasta, cereals, potatoes, sweet potatoes …) is the main source of energy for baby’s body every day. If it comes to ways helping baby gain weight due to food, the starch is the first option to “fatten” effectively. You really should try to diversify the processing so that the babies will not get bored when having to eat starch every day!

    4. Nuts


    Not only high in calories but also nuts are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which are very good for the growth and development of young brains. If the mother is looking for snacks to help babies gain weight but still ensure healthy, nuts are the ideal choice. Apart from eating seasoned nuts, you can mix seeds into the salad in order to make the meal richer.

    5. Products made from milk

    Milk is an indispensable source of nutrition during the growth and development of young children. In addition to drink milk every day, you should let your babies eat more whey and yogurt. Products from milk stimulate digestion, increase appetite in children. In addition to pure food, mothers can make smoothies as drink or beams to appeal babies to eat.

    6. Olive oil

    Olive oil or edible oils for children are extremely good for the heart, brain ò babies. Olive oil tastes more pleasant, so you can be mixed into a salad, pour on bread or rice…

    7. Vegetables and fruits


    Not just focusing additional fat, the mother should also add the vegetables and fruits in dining menu of the babies daily. Fruit and vegetables are not only rich in fiber and energy but also they are sources of vitamins, plentiful minerals, which are very good for babies’ development.

    Hope that with these seven foods for babies to gain weight effectively, mothers can help their babies have a standard weight through daily diet in order that their babies can avoid being scrawny because of nutritional deficiencies.

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