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Gwendolyn Conte

Hi, I am Gwendolyn Conte, mother of two toddlers. Younger one is a year old  Angel and the elder one is 3 and half year old. I know how pampering we are  about our infants, how much we worry, thinking and plan for our toddlers.

I started this useful blog to collectively share my years of experience with baby  products, especially baby strollers. Over a period of time I have collected  great tips and feedback from many mothers during social gatherings, walking  and during trips. This has enabled me to collectively put together huge  information into useful form. I never thought taking my two toddlers out was  never so easy and fun if a right stroller is chosen.

I take my toddlers for all the trips me and my husband plan every quarter a year. I have tried and tested a wide range of strollers including lightweight strollers, double strollers, luxury strollers, umbrella type and many more. I have about a dozen of strollers’ experience during these four years.

This blog contains detailed reviews about the lightweight strollers which are technically accurate and optimized by the feedback from real parents over the years. Now, I continuously follow latest products from all major lightweight stroller manufacturers.

My children are my greatest source of inspiration. I understand the importance of comfort for my toddlers and I give prime importance for the same. My one year old Angel is fond of travelling in stroller and she likes to stay in forever (Provided I take her to park in the stroller).

I continuously update my blog with the new information available along the lines of lightweight strollers. I have accumulated good tips about buying and maintaining lightweight strollers. The blog also consists of few important handy guides for parents who are planning to buy lightweight strollers especially for short excursions. In the future, I will try to give useful tips and informative articles about Baby products in general. I hope the information provided in my blog is helpful to you.

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